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Unlock the True Potential of Digital Marketing with the PASSIONPRENEUR PROGRAM


The new program launched by the well-known international creative director, choreographer and digital marketing consultant Angel Kaba. PASSIONPRENEUR, focuses on exactly what she believes in. The program is geared towards helping aspiring entrepreneurs turn their passion into a business.

Angel offers this program as a platform for creatives where they can become a part of a coaching group session, which is designed to teach them how they can be aware of their true potential, by effectively using digital marketing and social media.

The PASSIONPRENEUR PROGRAM will help aspiring business owners and personal branding enthusiasts to understand using social media for a purpose, realizing the importance of having a website, and figuring out their target audience so they can communicate with them directly, among many other interesting learnings from Angel Kaba’s 15-year long career.

So, the question is.. Do you believe you’re also a PASSIONPRENEUR?

Then join Angel Kaba and learn more about how to be a part of this career-changing experience!


What They’re Saying

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