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AfroDance Emerges | The Beat, The Beats & The Dance 
February – March 2022

Curated by Angel Kaba, Afro’Dance Emerges is the first-ever festival devoted to this contemporary Diaspora dance genre and its various styles. Cumbe is excited to bring together award-winning artists from around the world and within our community. Afro’Dance Emerges gives reverence to the pioneers in the genre while creating space for trendsetting dancers, choreographers, and cultural phenoms through a series of dance workshops, conversations, and performances with world-class artists. Join us for this immersive experience.

As Cumbe marks its 10th Anniversary, we salute the art, culture and dance style Afro’Dance by bringing together the brightest movers and innovators. What started as a global cultural movement, Afro’Dance emerged into popular culture in the early 2010’s with the promotion of the music genre Afrobeat. The music genre is originally from Ghana and was made famous by the legendary Nigerian musician and activist, Fela Kuti. With his influence, a new generation of African music, Social and Street dances developed.

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